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Picture the scene if you will: you’re in a new city (let’s go with grand old London as an example) and you’re ready for an adventure! You’ve flicked through an out-of-date city guide and have a pretty good idea of the things you want to see – the Tower of London, Harrod’s, perhaps even a stroll along the Southbank – so far, so good.

But what of the real London? The Londoner’s London… the insider’s guide, if you will? Wouldn’t it be great to find out what’s happening in the here and now? We’re talking pop-up restaurants, one-off publicity stunts, rare exhibitions and secret shows: the events that are so ‘of the moment’ that any guide book would immediately be seen as past it, should they be featured in print. Well, Hotel Direct have an answer to this conundrum: a unique Twitter Guide.

Of course, readers of our Events Calendar will know that we’ve made a point of featuring quirky, off-the-beaten-track events that other guides miss out. But now we’ve added to that by researching the leading Twitter accounts you have to follow in any given city and compiling them all into one easy-to-follow Twitter list. From leading journalists to food enthusiasts and arts buffs, the 20 accounts we’ve included will give insight to even the most seasoned city-hopper.

The project first kicked off with London, but we’ve been adding to that with an awesome Edinburgh guide and soon-to-be completed Manchester list to boot. Each week, we’ll be writing a feature on each of the accounts so you can really get to know them – perhaps you might even tweet them your best city finds – your very own hidden gems? You can subscribe to any of our lists here: a world of insider-knowledge at your very fingertips.

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