Sonia Delaunay at The Tate Modern

prismes_electriques - Sonia Delaunay, Prismes electriques 1914
Date: 15th Apr 2015 - 8th Aug 2015 Event Type: Venue: Tate Modern Price: ADULT £16.00 (without donation £14.50), CONCESSION £14.00 (without donation £12.70) Tickets: Required Nearest Hotel: Holiday Inn Express London Southwark

Event Details

Tate Modern hosts the UK’s first Sonia Delaunay retrospective, granting visitors a fascinating insight into the work of a key figure in the Parisian avant-garde of the early twentieth century.

Sonia Delaunay’s part in the development of modern art throughout the first half of the twentieth century is impossible to understate and her oeuvre encompasses much of what defined a period of restless creativity and invention. Along with her husband Robert, Delaunay explored modernism’s thrilling new terrain of abstraction and colour while investigating the era’s rapidly evolving technology and transformed urban landscape.

This exciting retrospective showcases Delaunay’s vibrant and diverse practice across a variety of media, including paintings, textiles and clothes. Her contribution to the twentieth century’s ever advancing artistic landscape is further evidenced with the inclusion of the fascinating collaborative work Delaunay produced with poets, choreographers and manufacturers, from Diaghilev to Liberty.

Tate’s revelatory Sonia Delaunay retrospective is a welcome survey of one of modernism’s most interesting figures and a vital exploration of a rich and tumultuous period in the history of art.