The One Where They Go to a Friends Quiz

friends quiz
Date: 3rd Feb 2015 Event Type: Other Venue: The Alibi, Kingsland Road, London Price: £1.00 Tickets: Required Nearest Hotel: The Re London Shoreditch

Event Details

If your home plays host to a shelf groaning under the weight of every single Friends DVD and you’re frustrated by a lack of opportunities to exploit an encyclopaedic knowledge of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey then this is the night you’ve been waiting for!

The One Where They Go To A Friends Quiz at Dalston’s Alibi bar is a rare chance to capitalise on hundreds of hours spent watching the era defining sitcom and taste pub quiz glory. The One Where They Go to a Friends Quiz flips the classic pub quiz formula in favour of all things Friends – you might not know the capital of Nepal or who the president of Uruguay is but remembering the name of Rachel’s senior prom date or Chandler’s age when he first touched a woman’s breast could be the key to victory.

This Friends-tastic night is brought to you by the I Hate Rachel Green Club and promises all manner of Friends themed fun including Ross’s Margaritas and Friends music. There will also be Friends merch prizes up for grabs.