Michael Flatley Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games

Lord of The Dance
Date: 13th Mar 2015 - 5th Sep 2015 Event Type: Dance Venue: Dominion Theatre Price: £29.50 - £90 Tickets: Required Nearest Hotel: St Giles London Classic

Event Details

When Michael Flatley created Riverdance back in 1994, he changed the face of Irish Dance forever. He then took things further with the critically acclaimed Lord of the Dance, which he debuted at the Point Theatre in Dublin in 1996 before taking it all over the world.

Lord of the Dance

The name Michael Flatley and his Lord of the Dance brand are internationally recognised and stand for spectacular artistry and grand scale productions.

As well as Lord of the Dance, Michael has created, directed and produced several other hugely successful shows including Feet of Flames and Celtic Tiger. All of which break the mould of more traditional Irish Dancing by incorporating upper body movement and creating edgy rhythm patterns.

With Lord of the Dance; Dangerous Games, Michael has entered the world of art where he elegantly portrays the fluid movement of dance on canvas. The spectacular result of the dance is a unique and inspiring visual display.