Silk Road Film Festival

Date: 18th Mar 2015 - 22nd Mar 2015 Event Type: Film Venue: Multiple venues Price: Varies Tickets: Required Nearest Hotel: Arlington Temple Bar

Event Details

The Silk Road Film Festival (SRFF) is held annually in Dublin and welcomes films from countries that were part of the historical network of ancient trade routes that connected Persia, Middle East, Arab, East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean and Europe as well as parts of North and East Africa.

Highlights of the festival include:


Directed by Zaza Urushadze, Tangerines is a taut and gripping anti-war film set during the brutal 1992 Georgian-Abkhazian war. An old man watches the growing conflict from his tangerine orchard when a sudden shootout leaves to wounded soldiers from opposing sides close by. The old man tries to keep the peace while nursing the two mortal enemies in his small house.

40 Days of Silence

Featuring an all female cast, 40 Days of Silence is an incredible film about women’s voices, and the sins and responsibilities they have to bear in a society that is largely patriarchal.

Bibicha, a young girl takes a vow of silence that is to last 40 days to atone for her sins. She and three other women carry out this traditional vow in Bibicha’s Grandmother’s house in an Uzbek village.