Shackleton Exhibition

Shackleton Exhibition
Date: 1st Apr 2014 - 1st Nov 2014 Event Type: Exhibition Venue: Dún Laoghaire Price: Various Tickets: Required Nearest Hotel: Tara Towers Hill

Event Details

Having come all the way from New York’s American Museum of Natural History, the Shackleton Exhibition gives incredible insight to the lives of those who lived through the extraordinary Trans-Atlantic Endurance expedition of 1914- 1917 including three Irishmen; Ernest Shackleton from Kildare, Tom Crean from Kerry and Tim McCarthy from Cork.

The story of Endurance and its harrowing journey to the ‘White Continent’ is on full display telling the tales of crew, their faith in their Leader – Sir Ernest Shackleton – and their eventual rescue. Over 150 photos are on display taken by the very photographer on board the ship as well as a life-size replica of the essential lifeboat used in the rescue.

The exhibition is the closest thing to showing visitors what the expedition was like and the massive feat involved in carrying out a successful rescue.

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