Open House

Sean O'Casey Community Centre_photo by Aoife Grogan
Date: 17th Oct 2014 - 19th Oct 2014 Event Type: Exhibition Venue: Various venues across Dublin Price: Free Tickets: N/A Nearest Hotel: Trinity City Hotel

Event Details

Learning from buildings is the theme of Open House Dublin and the Irish Architecture foundation is proud to present the biggest celebration of architecture in Ireland. Visitors will be shown the processes involved in creating the built environment and how buildings reflect the needs and desires of society.

You will learn about the people who designed and built the city, the architects, developers, planners, engineers, builders and crafts people who all worked together and you’ll find out about the people who paid for the buildings.

Volunteers lookin g in_photo by Irish Architecture Foundation

Photo by Irish Architecture Foundation

By looking at the buildings themselves you will discover the character of the city and learn about the housing and cultural needs of society. You will learn about industry, business and educational needs. You will see how school design can impact on learning, teaching and wellbeing. By comparing old with new, buildings can teach us about advances in technology and environmental concerns and in turn we hope to find ways to improve our future.

As well as building tours, Open House Dublin will include Open House Junior, a series of exciting and inspiring events aimed at younger participants, allowing them to step into an architects shoes for the weekend and attend workshops in galleries and museums.

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